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  • The KACIP FATIMAH-MANJAKANI oral capsule is an all in one natural herbal product used for centuries by Malaysian women for vagina tightening.

    The combination of these two powerful herbs brings the perfect effectivness of both properties of these herbs.Giving you a total  firm, toning and cleanse vagina.This affordable hygiene tightener is the easiet, simplest, safest, most convenient and effective to use

  • Manjakani Gel

    Manjakani is widely used as a traditional medicine because of its high content of tannin, which contributes to its ability to tighten the vaginal muscles that may be loose due to childbirth process,aging,it helps to restore the flexibility of these muscles. Its natural antiseptic properties are effective in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infections — the main cause of itching and unpleasant odour in the intimate area.It s also a natural vaginal lubricant.
  • Oak galls are produced when the leaves of the oak tree (scientifically known as Quercus infectoria) are infested by stinging wasps, known as cynips. The spontaneous chemical reaction which follows the infestation, stimulates the leaves to produce a roundish hard ball, called oak gall or manjakani in the Malay language The additional benefits of this herb for women include: the anti-oxidants in Oak gall reduces the aging process, help ward off and heal diabetes (due to the Gallic Acid), helps ward off breast and cervical cancer, helps eliminate bacterial, yeast and fungal infection (the main cause of itching and unpleasant odors in the intimate area); reduced excessive vaginal discharge, promotes smoother skin. Oak Gall is rich in food nutrition: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, minerals, carbohydrate, and protein.
  • Shurah natural female vaginal tightening wash is made of 100percent natural herbs,extracted from pure and natural ingredients helping moisturise,tighten  revitalise your vagina and deodorise .Its main ingredients:Manjakani, betel leaf which enhance  vaginal health ,keeping the private part fresh,clean and odorless the whole day. Shurah vaginal tightening wash helps in lubricating and toning the inner vagina wall tissues.It enhances the ability  to secrete your own natural lubricants.Its soap,with a 3.5pH preserves the natural pH of your vagina and gently cleanse while restoring lubrification and preventing vaginal dryness. Shurah vaginal tightening is the excellent  effective choice to keep your vagina tighten,smooth,deodorise and feel confortable all day long.
  • Teh Herba containg Garcinia Cambogia that is the main property that  helps eliminating  the accumulation of fat in the walls of blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation. Teh Herba prevents and reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, particularly on the  abdomen, hip / groin and thigh.The tea is formulated from pure herbal plants found in the virgin forests of Malyasia, and is an ingredient herbal health drink which is devoted to removing excess fat and clean up toxic waste in the colon. The product is free of chemicals and preservatives.