Oak Gall Seeds – 100g


Oak galls are produced when the leaves of the oak tree (scientifically known as Quercus infectoria) are infested by stinging wasps, known as cynips. The spontaneous chemical reaction which follows the infestation, stimulates the leaves to produce a roundish hard ball, called oak gall or manjakani in the Malay language

The additional benefits of this herb for women include: the anti-oxidants in Oak gall reduces the aging process, help ward off and heal diabetes (due to the Gallic Acid), helps ward off breast and cervical cancer, helps eliminate bacterial, yeast and fungal infection (the main cause of itching and unpleasant odors in the intimate area); reduced excessive vaginal discharge, promotes smoother skin.

Oak Gall is rich in food nutrition: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, minerals, carbohydrate, and protein.


Product Description


  1.    Take 2-3 seeds of Oak Gall and wash with water to remove residues.
  2.    Boil and cook for 30 minutes – 1 hour.
  3.    Drink the juice like tea consumption, mix with any other juice to give personal flavor.


  1.    Different individuals will have different sensitivity levels to medication. Begin with the lowest dosage and increase gradually.
  2.    Manjakani is not suitable for pregnant women and should not be used during menstruation period.
  3.    Manjakani is not recommended for virgin.
  4.    If any negative side effects are experienced with an herb, discontinue use.


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