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Shurah Intim Wash – 100ml


Shurah natural female vaginal tightening wash is made of 100percent natural herbs,extracted from pure and natural ingredients helping moisturise,tighten  revitalise your vagina and deodorise .Its main ingredients:Manjakani, betel leaf which enhance  vaginal health ,keeping the private part fresh,clean and odorless the whole day.

Shurah vaginal tightening wash helps in lubricating and toning the inner vagina wall tissues.It enhances the ability  to secrete your own natural lubricants.Its soap,with a 3.5pH preserves the natural pH of your vagina and gently cleanse while restoring lubrification and preventing vaginal dryness.

Shurah vaginal tightening is the excellent  effective choice to keep your vagina tighten,smooth,deodorise and feel confortable all day long.


Product Description

To be used twice daily. Gently wash with warm water.


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